New Stark VPN Settings For MTN Free Browsing Cheat

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Today, I will be sharing the new stark VPN settings for mtn free browsing cheat, using this amazing app. Recently, we shared the unlimited MTN free browsing cheat using start vpn. But after that, we discovered that a lot of people are still finding it very difficult to set it. While some are rocking the internet for free with it, and that’s why we wrote this article with screenshots. So that everyone will understand how to set stark vpn and start browsing the internet for free.

So, if you are among those searching for the latest settings of stark vpn” then you have to calm down and read carefully. So, that you will understand how you can easily download, set it and start browsing the internet for free” just as I’m doing right now.

Requirements For The New Stark VPN Settings

You don’t have to spend anything to learn how to set it up, it is absolutely for free” and with screenshots. All you have to do right now is to keep these things ready;

  • Your registered MTN sim card.
  • With 0:0kb, make sure there’s no data.
  • Your smart phone, (Android)
  • With 3G or 4G network.
  • Download the stark VPN app ~> HERE
  • That’s all.

New Stark VPN Settings For MTN Free Browsing Cheat

This app can only connect so easily when you have a standard network in your area, that’s why I said 3 or 4G network is needed. Below is the lastest stark VPN settings;

1. After installing the downloaded stark vpn app, you open it” and head to the drop-down. As shown in the screenshot below.

2. Ones you tap the drop-down near None, boom” you will see a pop up, telling you to Select Tweak: see the screenshot below;

3. Then you click on Custom, just as shown in the screenshot above; Then head to right side bar of your mobile phone. And click on CUSTOM with a red background; see the screenshot below..

4.  Ones you do that, you will see a pop up for the main new stark VPN settings. Now you have to read carefully and follow the guidelines, so that it will work perfectly.

5. After clicking on custom and a pop up shows, the first thing you have to press” is Select Connection Mood. And you will have to choose HTTP, as shown via the screenshot below.

New Stark VPN Settings For MTN Free Browsing Cheat

5. After that, you head to the second option which is Server Port, then type in the number there 8080

6. Then tap on Host Header, as shown in the screenshot below; type in and click ok.

7. You move to Select Header Line Type and click singleline as shown in the picture below;

New Stark VPN Settings For MTN Free Browsing Cheat

8. That’s not the end, the next one is Reverse Proxy, just ignore and head to  Proxy Host, type in this number there;

9. Finally, you click on the Proxy Port which is the last option, and type 8080.

That’s all, then you return to the main app and click the center button” allow for few seconds to connect. Now I believe you can perfectly set the stark VPN and start browsing for free with your mtn line.