Longinus Anokwute Biography – Age, Wife And More Of Chief Imo

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Longinus Anokwute biography – age, wife and more of chief imo comedy, that will surprise you after reading this. After much findings about popular Nigeria comedian, Longinus Anokwute” popularly known as Chief Imo. We got to know that he is not just a comedian as you might be thinking right now, here is the real biography of chief Imo comedy.

Longinus Anokwute is a popular Igbo comedian, Nollywood producer, scriptwriter, showbiz promoter and also a Nollywood actor. He was born and brought up in Umuduru, Ekwe, Local Government Area in Imo State Nigeria.

Chief Imo Biography.


Chief Imo, is the last child of his patients” as his early years wasn’t born with a golden spoon.

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He is a vibrant and intelligent young man who derives joy in seeing people smile. Longinus anokwute  is married with beautiful kids, and a happy home.

Longinus Anokwute Pictures

That’s one his current comedy videos, titled in case you don’t know me. You can see and download lots of them HERE and don’t forget to share with friends. We will keep updating this article from time to time, so visit always.