Umu Obiligbo Biography ~ Age, Net Worth, Girlfriends & More

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Umu Obiligbo biography ~ age, net worth, girlfriends & more about these amazing high life music singers. It’s obvious a lot of people are yet to know more about Umu Obiligbo, their father & state of Origin. So, all you have to do right now is to calm down and read carefully” so that you will get all the necessary information you need to know about them.

Akunwafor and Okpuozor, popularly known as Umu Obiligbo are two brothers from the same parents. Their father’s name is Ajana Obiligbo, also a high life music star back then in 1990’s. Umu Obiligbo are from Nteje in Oyi L.G.A. of Anambra State Nigeria and their grandfather is Late Chief Ezigbo Obiligbo. They came from a family of music, both their father and grandfather were high life musicians.

Umu Obiligbo Are They Twin?


This question has left so many people in a serious dilemma, as you can’t practically tell if they are twin or not. Due to the way they do on stage, but to clear the air” Umu Obiligbo are not twin. They are two siblings from the same parents, Okpuozor is the elder brother to Akunwafor Obiligbo. But if you weren’t told, you won’t know” because they act like twin.

Umu Obiligbo Biography ~ Age, Net Worth, Girlfriends & More


According to them, Umu Obiligbo inherited their high life music career from their father” Ajana Obiligbo. Whom his late father, Chief Ezigbo Obiligbo happenes to be a music start too” bavk in 1970’s. So, it’s from their grand father” to their father, then to them now. We can practically say that music is their thing, as they look forward to passing it to their own children.

Umu Obiligbo Net Worth


It’s obvious these Nigerian high life super stars have taken over the previous high life music we use to know, back then in 1990’s. As they always come up with something so inspiring and entertaining. Umu Obiligbo don’t just sing to entertain the world, they also pass information which touches people’s lives.

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Currently,  Okpuozor Obiligbo estimated net worth is said to be $100,000. While Okunwafor Obiligbo net worth is $120,000 and they keep counting down.

Umu Obiligbo Real Age


Well,  as it stands now” we can only assume their age. As they are yet to reveal their real age to us. So, we guess  Okunwafor Obiligbo is 29 while Akunwafor Obiligbo is 27 years. But as soon we figure it out, we will update it immidiatly.

          Umu Obiligbo Pictures

Umu Obiligbo Biography ~ Age, Net Worth, Girlfriends & More

That’s all about Umu Obiligbo biography, keep visiting for more updates. As we will keep updating this article with new information” from time to time.